About Us

Eric Agee
I'm Eric Agee, Owner and Creator of Stratagee Fitness.

My Story Is Simple...

  • I’m a Husband
  • I’m a Father
  • I’m a Personal Trainer with 15 years of experience
  • I’m a Health and Physical Education Instructor
  • I love to workout but life happens. . .

  • In 2018 My primary care physician informed me of my annual lab results via my patient portal:

    “Mr. Agee, your labs from 10/11/2018 show the following:  Your diabetic screening test (Hgb A1C) shows that you have prediabetes (or borderline diabetes). This is not diabetes and doesn’t require medications, but does require some adjustment to your diet. Please limit the sugar in your diet (especially sodas, coffee, tea, and desserts) and reduce the portion sizes of carbohydrates in your diet (breads, pastas, rice, potatoes). I have attached a prediabetic diet handout. Let’s plan to see you again in 6 months for a recheck lab.” The doctor also recommended that I monitor my blood pressure because it was high at the time.

    In my follow-up visit, the doctor said, “Mr. Agee, Good news! Your labs from 7/2/2019 were all NORMAL, including your diabetes screening test (Hgb A1c). Please continue your medications as directed and keep your next scheduled appointment.”

    My 2018 lab results revealed that I needed to make a few lifestyle changes. I increased my cardio, changed my diet, lost 12 lbs and aimed for more sleep. That’s essentially what worked for me. The STRATAGEE Brand is to encourage you to FIND WHAT WORKS for you!